Aunt Fran on Aging

My husband has enviable genes on both sides of his family: they maintain full cognitive powers to the end of life. We still have his mom (our only remaining parent), 79, and her sister Fran, 80. This Christmas, Aunt Fran sent us a card with her insights on aging that I thought amazing, and I knew she wouldn’t mind if I shared them.

I’m observing the aging process at the end of life as opposed to the growing process at the beginning—why the term “growing” old? Since metaphorically growing is inaccurate (grow = increase in size; develop: Random House Dictionary); nor does “growing up” apply as we age—I’m much shorter than in years back. God willing, one is willing and able to observe the decline and/or deterioration of one’s own mind and body. Life is such a process and I look back acknowledging that God is my best friend—and how I’ll hold on to Him—but now aware that Christ has been holding me so close to Him in His loving arms. . .

I adore Aunt Fran.


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3 responses to “Aunt Fran on Aging

  1. Bex

    Having two parents (both husband’s) who have dementia/Alzheimer’s, I have come to the conclusion that the greatest gift of all in life is to keep one’s clear mind throughout all one’s years. To lose the mental portion of life is really like losing all of life early. It is heartbreaking to watch a person you love not seem to know what’s going on anymore or even who YOU are anymore. What joy can there be for them? Your Aunt Fran sounds like a solid clear thinking elder and if only we could all end up like her. If only medical science would get its act together and defeat dementia/Alzheimer’s once and for all.

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. Delightful! Much light and joy to each of you in the new year!


  3. Heidi

    Oh, what an absolutely precious testimony. There is a ‘growing’ certainly in what she describes — in grace and knowledge of her Lord.


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