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Effie demonstrates the elements of a Good Day

First is the Yawn. . .

followed by the Stretch. . .

and finally, the Nap.

With careful timing, this method of bringing about a Good Day can start in the morning and last well into the afternoon, especially when frosty weather may limit the fun of bounding about on frosty ground outdoors.

–Inspiration by Effie



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Three faces and scarf

I was wearing this scarf in the cold wind yesterday, to a doctor’s appointment and the pharmacy. I find the scarf pretty, and it’s also warm and doesn’t itch. My Mum-in-law made it for me last Christmas. I sent her a note yesterday that I continue to love the scarf, and that it receives compliments every time I wear it. I took this photo so she would know to which scarf I was referring; she has sent me several.

Our expressions: I am taking the selfie, and it is taking a bit of strategy to get the three of us in the frame. Effie’s expression is adorably coy, but she’s a tad squirmy; and Vic is thinking about something funny.


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Just another snow day in Effieland

p1020595Take heart Effie; it’s a snow day everywhere! There’s snow in the front yard, and even across the street!




p1020597sI like the snow–but where are all the bugs?


p1020598Ah, well. . .I am like the Snow Man in the poem by Wallace Stevens  that my Mom likes, who beholds “Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.”


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A snowy day’s considerations and frustrations

Very large flakes of dense, gushy, large, wet snow are falling. The falling snow provides a refreshing sight, enabling me to wish we could move to the Galapagos Islands, so that I might become a curator of tortoises, and I could quit reading the news.

As always, there are intervening considerations.




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The Ice Returns to the River

p1020592Following another temperature drop into the low 20s, patches of ice returned to a section of the Snake River near Asotin, Washington.

Pisca-Dory’s Garmin fishfinder showed a lot of fish directly under our bonny boat. The fish moved slowly and mostly vertically, and from their 8-15-foot depth, they showed no interest in our lures. The tugs on our lines were most likely river weeds and the River’s currents.

The clouds blotted the sun, leaving us cold, but our propane heater kept us from serious chill.

For my husband and me, fishing is not defined by the objective of catching fish; if it were, we would shun the River all winter, and that is not an option. We like staying in touch with “our” River.


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The Snake breaks up

Ice floes that covered the eddies of the Snake River upstream of Asotin, Washington all winter are finally breaking up and floating downstream, making it possible to take a boat close to shore where winter fishing is potentially fruitful.

My husband took this photo at the Clarkston boat ramp this afternoon, between a meeting at the local Department of Social and Human Services, and a hearing at the county courthouse. He has a knack for making the highest and best use of his time.



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All things snow

A comforting snow–like a blanket–is falling and rapidly deepening.

p1020539The snow nurtures our dormant aspen.

p1020540The snow encourages camaraderie among our hens.

p1020542A quick stolen kiss on the porch!

p1020541“Where is everything?”
And, the snow revives Effie’s sense of awe and wonder.


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Above freezing!

Yes! The temperature is 32.4°F. It only feels like 29.6 with the 3.1 mph wind. The snow is wet and packy, and no longer slick. I deposited our recycling without an ice walk around the bins. It’s absolutely lovely.

I’ve had a pint of strong coffee, and a quart of tea, moderate strength. They help moderate my fatigue and stiffness, even if I probably pay a couple of hours of sleep for the pleasure. Nice cups are important, too.

Effie has her own protocols for drinking her water. She hardly ever drinks from a normal bowl next to her food in the house, but she’ll drink from a bowl outdoors, and she will drink indoors from a faucet. I’ll run the kitchen or bathroom faucet at trickle strength for her till she’s had her fill. I have to stay until she finishes so I can dry the sink. We have hard water, which is ruinous to the glass bathroom sink and the stainless steel sink in the kitchen, making it imperative to dry the drops immediately.

Calciferous deposits are of no concern to Effie at all. That leaves two of us with a perplexing concern for such a silly thing, but we are both humans, and we are welcome to dry the sink if the scaly calcium spots offend our sense of order so much.

p1020537“It seems best to me not to drink alone.”

Effie does some things wisely.


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Maiden launch deferred by cold

Cat EuphemiaFamily, friends, and readers interested in the maiden launch of Pisca-Dory, the fishing dory my husband built–you haven’t missed it. Since her completion almost two weeks ago, we have had kind of a winter, with temperatures of 0.1°F to highs in the teens and low 20s. When Vic checked a nearby launch ramp a few days ago, the ramp was icy and the river beside the ramp was actually frozen.

Right now, in the early afternoon, the wind chill factor graces the land around our house with a felt temperature of 13.8°F. Some humans find this rather unpleasantly chilly, and I am of that cohort, although I could certainly muster the bravado to go fishing. But a slick ramp and a frozen river cinch the no-deal.

Soon, Pisca-Dory, soon, and the air will warm, and the river will thaw, and you will take us motoring gently up and down the Snake River, fishing. . . .

p1020536Cats are non-hibernating mammals; but for some fortunate ones, winter is a mere technicality.


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Warming trends


So far this morning, our faithful weather transmitter has reported temperatures of 0.9°F, 0.5°F, and 0.1°F. Brisk, to say the least. Nevertheless, the outside beckoned, and Effie went to the door to heed the call, but then turned away from the door to warm her paws on a heating vent.

Halvor has indoor shelter; we have been letting him in and out of my husband’s boat-building, etc. shop to come in from the worst of the cold. He has a bed full of warm covers, and food, water, and a litter box. I visit him there several times a day, and he greets me with the most grateful face ever to announce grace in the world. He has always enjoyed watching my husband work in his shop, and now he is like co-master of the domain.

The other cats come around: Torvald, Gunther, and a new explorer, a feral grey tabby I call Malkin. I have always fed Torvald and Halvor, but with Halvor now indoors, Torvald has to fend with the ferals. I continue to pet him and let him know he’s welcome. Gunther has been doing a sweet-kitty performance, and now I pet him instead of running him off. Halvor is out of his reach, so Gunther can no longer challenge his turf.

One evening last summer, Gunther introduced himself as the new dominant male. Halvor has been in the neighborhood for years. Gunther challenged him; Halvor ran him off and returned to me as if to say, “All clear, ma’am.” I praised him for teaching the stray what dominance looks like, and he hugged my ankles with his head.

Effie and Halvor are both dominants, and warm toward each other to the point of touching noses and wrapping necks. I wish I could bring Halvor into the house, but his mass is at least twice Effie’s, and the allergen flood would overwhelm my immune system.

Ah, well. The meadowlarks may not return in January this year as they have in the past; but warming and cooling, and all else, are in God’s gracious hand.


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