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Effie and blackberries

I took this photo last summer, of Effie slavering over the unripe blackberries she had been checking out. This year she has shown no interest in them at all, even when they were ripe. I think she does really cute things with her tongue.

Her cute look elevated my morale after reading the NOAA wildfire reports and predictions. It was a tad demoralizing to learn that I am not cut out for life on earth, but hey, I’ve had a fair number of decades to prove I am blessed with some kind of knack for survival–aka God’s preserving grace.

I have a wonderful husband, a compatible cat, a pleasant home, and a well-matched church. Smoke happens. I’ve been outdoors only briefly, to run up the hill to get any eggs our hens have laid, and down the hill to pick up our mail. I feel a little cooped up, staying in the house so much, and very ready to get back to fishing in the Snake River again. The fires have kept us from fishing for three whole weeks.

Like most nuisances, smoke doesn’t stay forever.


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Tea on Mars?


I read up on it, thought about it, and convened with my more-scientific-than-I husband on the subject–but I don’t think the would-be Mars colony is going to make a go of morning coffee or tea to warm them in their new permafrost world. Low air pressure, low air temperature, low boiling point of water—the water would vaporize anyway, given the pressure. . . .I basically decided the people who want to move to Mars probably should, if they’re the sort who see the infinite beauty and gracious bounty of Earth as not what they had in mind for a world. It would almost certainly take more than a minute to receive Kindle books—Amazon probably won’t have Whispersync to Mars for quite a while; and even with potentially loose regs for drones, front-door delivery looks dicey.

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