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A warm, bright November afternoon

p1020356Effie fends her way through dry sunflower canes, hunting bugs, digging holes, and engaging in other Things To See and Do in Effieland.

After so many days in the 50°-60° range, the temperature hit 80° this afternoon; my yard chair was finally dry after all the rain we’ve had, and I was able to enjoy a pleasant hour in Effieland with Effie, watching her stalk bugs and look very awesome.

My backyard retreat followed my usual Wednesday homekeeping tasks, with the whipping out of a few election stats in between. Our new President-elect aced the Electoral College scoreboard with 57% of the Electoral votes, but lost the popular vote by .2%–about 200,000 votes.

The scenario is neither common nor unheard of. It doesn’t matter–we’re Americans; we survive these things with great resilience and transferred admiration. For the most part, we just like winners, though probably not as much as Effie likes catching bugs.


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