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Back to the pond

Ha! I caught my limit–five trout, 9-1/2″ to 11-1/2″. My husband and I headed for the pond just after 6 PM and stayed 2-1/2 hours fishing. As evening pressed on, the fish were jumping and biting and skipping toward the shore. I just love fish who want to come home with us. If it weren’t for the State’s legal limit, I’d have wanted to fish longer. I was hooked; what can I say?

Vic took these pictures. He would have been fishing but his reel broke.

The first bite to hang on. . .


Closer. . .


And closer. . .


The trout has landed!


And it’s time to go home, Number 5.


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Catching a Rainbow


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The Pond’s Provision

After several days of rain or threats of rain, we had serious fishing lust and hit the pond Wednesday evening, April 12.

Trout were jumping exuberantly, all over the pond; their circles were everywhere. I brought in our first fellow on my second cast, then another after a few more casts. Then Vic caught his first–16-1/2 inches! It wasn’t his largest ever, but it was his largest here. My third was 13-1/2 inches, my biggest fellow ever. I went on to catch two more 10-1/2 inchers, meeting my five-fish limit. We’re allowed five trout per person per day. Vic caught three more fish, all in the 10-inch range. 13 inches or above is considered a premium fish, and we are permitted two premium trout per person per day. We each caught one.

It was a wonderful hour of fishing. We brought home a total of nine trout, two of them premium size. Their total weight was five pounds six ounces.

The batch of four on the left is Vic’s catch; note the Colossus of Clarkston. The batch of five on the right are my catch.


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Back to the pond


Friend Turtle was there again today, taking his time floating and swimming to his rock.

P1010967My husband persevered, but no one was biting–I guess too warm for trout to be hungry.

P1010969Black locust trees line the path. . .

P1010972and make intriguing shadows.


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