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In the pink: Here come the lupines

I welcome lupines as harbingers of summer, especially when they arrive in pink. We also have later-blooming lupines in cream and blue. The ones pictured here are beginning to bloom, and will soon fill their stalks with more petals. Effie and Paladin  took turns today, sleeping among the leaves on the side opposite the flowers.


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Addendum to Faces and Flowers of Spring

Golden alyssum




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Faces and Flowers of Spring

Lilacs announce the Spring.

Effie is pensive, but she nonetheless enjoys everything about Spring.

Paladin seeks shade under a chair.

Dwarf ruffled golden-orange tulips contribute festivity to the season.

Not to be outdone, a red dwarf ruffled tulip joins the festivities.

Effie loves fresh catnip.


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Promise of Spring

Our first full-bloom daffodil of the year was so heartening after five months of off-and-on winter.


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Sunset and sleet

It was bizarre: first I heard the strange sound of sleet. Sleet happens, even in May. Our last sleetfall was in November. Joining the rare occasion of sleet was this darkly brilliant sunset. All quite strange, and all quite lovely.


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The rain relents

The rain has subsided for now. The sun is out, but a cold 6-mph wind blows through trees, grasses, and my cotton sweater.  I returned to photograph some new blooms and my husband, with Effie’s fully engaged help, preparing a furrow in which he will grow corn in Effieland.  Perhaps we could even breed a new variety and name it Effieland Corn!

Effie oversees the steps leading to her prospective brand, Effieland Corn

Lilacs are burgeoning with spring energy

Golden alyssum

Pink tulip

Orange tulip


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If I were a tulip, I would want to be frilly

. . .without the bugs.


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An excellent evening for trout

Wednesday was warm, hitting 70° F. The wind subsided, and the early evening was perfect for fishing.

We arrived at the pond with more than an hour of daylight remaining.  Amazingly, it was not crowded, and we headed for our favorite spot. Fish were jumping all over the pond as if celebrating the warmer water—it was a wonderful sight! Ospreys flew over the pond, frequently seizing trout from the water with their mighty talons. There were enough active trout for all of us.

My husband caught the first and I caught the second and third. He caught the fourth and fifth, and I caught the sixth: three each, 9-1/4” – 10-1/2”, within about an hour.  By “caught,” I mean successfully reeled in, landed, and kept. We both had uncounted nibbles and nuzzles at our lures from numerous shopper trout who were not ready to buy.

Six beautiful rainbow trout of good size join others in our freezer, ready for canning this Saturday. Praise God for the bounty of His provision for man and osprey.

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Springtime in Effieland and its tenuous beauty

Grass is such a wonderful place. . .

and a wonderful thing to eat!

Outside the bounds of Effieland, Effie’s people have lilacs in bud.

 Halvor hangs out under the spirea garland, which has a few surviving branches in bloom after significant frost damage.

A few sprigs of garland survived.

Now budding are the few tulips that escaped consumption by deer.

Effie seeks shade beneath her chair. It’s a beautiful warm day!


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Springtime, and trout warm to our invitations

The trout are not golden, of course; nor is the stainless steel sink. Evidently the flash had a transitory misapprehension episode.

Warmer weather (in the 50s), and daylight lasting til nearly 7:30, have replaced our short, cold days. This week my husband and I went fishing at the nearby pond Tuesday and Thursday after dinner. Tuesday, Vic caught two leaping rainbows, each about 10 inches, in less than an hour as dusk was approaching. Thursday, I caught two exuberant 10-inch trout in the same amount of time.

We feel honored that these beautiful fish, a bountiful boon from the Creator of fish and man, would come home with us.


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