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Bounties from the pond

Our first trout was 11-1/2 inches. I caught him within our first few minutes of casting.

An osprey prepares to enjoy his evening trout dinner.

He really enjoys his catch!

We enjoyed an hour of fruitful fishing at the pond last evening. I caught four trout, starting with an 11-1/2 incher. Our others were 9-1/4 to 10-1/2 inches. My husband caught one, and his coaching with reminders to me to keep my rod down once the prize was hooked enabled me to land them. Five more trout are now frozen and await canning tomorrow. >><>°

My husband took all the photos in this post.


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An excellent evening for trout

Wednesday was warm, hitting 70° F. The wind subsided, and the early evening was perfect for fishing.

We arrived at the pond with more than an hour of daylight remaining.  Amazingly, it was not crowded, and we headed for our favorite spot. Fish were jumping all over the pond as if celebrating the warmer water—it was a wonderful sight! Ospreys flew over the pond, frequently seizing trout from the water with their mighty talons. There were enough active trout for all of us.

My husband caught the first and I caught the second and third. He caught the fourth and fifth, and I caught the sixth: three each, 9-1/4” – 10-1/2”, within about an hour.  By “caught,” I mean successfully reeled in, landed, and kept. We both had uncounted nibbles and nuzzles at our lures from numerous shopper trout who were not ready to buy.

Six beautiful rainbow trout of good size join others in our freezer, ready for canning this Saturday. Praise God for the bounty of His provision for man and osprey.

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Effie explores Franck’s Trois Chorals…and a Dove Believed Dead

My husband was playing César Franck’s Trois Chorals pour Grand Orgue last evening, as Effie listened attentively. Her movements engaged strikingly with the peaceable profundity of the music. She seems truly to enjoy classical music, and we are happy she is able to enjoy it with us in silent absorption.

My Dad has such clever fingers, but only ten. I have 16 clever toes. . . I bet I could do that!

I know I can figure this out. . .

Ooooh! This music makes butterflies fly in my heart!

Let’s do this all the time, okay?

I just need those things his fingers are on to be a little higher.

I heard a “Thunk!” against the house this afternoon, and raced to the window overlooking Effieland to check on Effie. She was fine, looking neutrally at a mourning dove on its back. The pitiable bird, as many of its peers have done on every side of the house, had crashed into the side of the house next to Effieland, and hit the ground, landing on its back.

I was sure the dove was dead, and I was pleased Effie was not shredding and/or consuming the poor thing. . I did not want her to eat any bird, alive or dead, and become a bird killer. Initially she left this one alone.

I checked again several minutes later, and Effie was sniffing the bird. I went out and brought her into the house.

As I was wrapping up my task of vacuuming, I checked on the bird again through the window. It was still on its back, but now it was also raising and lowering its feet. I reckoned it was in death throes. I went out with a plastic bag to remove the dead bird and dispose of it so Effie would not attempt to eat it. Bad bird-killer habits come from eating birds dead or alive. But Effie had ignored a sparrow that crashed and died in Effieland not long ago.

I lifted the dove with my Nitrile-gloved hand to put its body in the bag. The dove immediately righted itself and hobbled, then walked; then it flapped and finally flew to the fence, landed on the ground, and walked through a normal wire fence hole.

I was elated; and I was more stunned than the dove had been, just moments earlier.  Effie was wide-eyed, but she did not chase the dove. I love my cat for that.


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Fishing along Asotin Slough

We fished the Snake River along Asotin Slough in our skiff Companion Star yesterday.  I felt several nibbles on my line, but each nibble seemed to result in the nibbler suddenly recalling a previous engagement.  By mid-day, two nearly foot-long Smallmouth bass had nibbled and opted to come home with us.

My husband took all but the first photo; I took the panorama. We both love the basalt formations of the canyon.









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Effie and the garden’s latest promise: blackberries


The imminent promise in Effieland right now is the ripening of blackberries!


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Our Fourth: More fishing, more fish

We returned to the Snake River near Wawawai today with our skiff Companion Star for some more bass fishing. The wind’s strong bluster generated whitecaps on the river, as well as repeated attempts to undermine my possessory interest in my hat, or else blow its chin strap back with sufficient force to strangle me. It was nonetheless a beautiful time all in all, and I caught more bass, 10 and 11 inches. My husband is canning them as I write. He took the first two photos as we headed out from the launch; I took the rest.

IMGP1916The launch

IMGP1919The shoals

P1020070The Captain

P1020071The First Mate, or at least her Wellie

P1020067Back home to sunflowers, blowing in the wind

P1020075Guess who was happy to see us. . .!


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And here’s the beautiful promise fulfilled

P1020061I’ve been at my Tuesday task of wiping down all interior windows (they tend to attract the most adorable feline noses and toes). From one of the windows I saw that our sunflower had bloomed and ran outside to take its photo while the bloom was in full sunlight. I aspire to finish the windows and upholstery cleaning before the temperature hits 104°–yesterday’s high in Effieland. . . .

God’s mercies are new every morning, and the beauty of His Creation is one of those!


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From Zechariah, on God’s provision for rain and grasses

The temperature rather suddenly skipped the 90s today; in fact, it’s 55°. Rain is falling very hard, and the field grasses and the rain look very beautiful. Providentially, I was reading Zechariah as the summer storm materialized. I went outside during a very brief respite in the rainfall and took these photos. How comforting to see the same provision God has given His people for the same needs, over the past 2,500+ recorded years.

Ask the Lord for rain
In the time of the latter rain.
The Lord will make flashing clouds;
He will give them showers of rain,
Grass in the field for everyone. 
–Zechariah 10:1 (NKJV)





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Back to the pond


Friend Turtle was there again today, taking his time floating and swimming to his rock.

P1010967My husband persevered, but no one was biting–I guess too warm for trout to be hungry.

P1010969Black locust trees line the path. . .

P1010972and make intriguing shadows.


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Further fruits of fishing

I love turtles; l always have, and I have had a few fortunate opportunities to see one at Evans Pond. We visit or drive past the pond with fair frequency, as it’s a pleasant way home from town, and not far out of our way. We used to see one or two turtles on the shore opposite the road occasionally as we drove by, but we haven’t seen any in more than a year. This gives me to believe that turtles don’t often choose to make themselves visible, or that they have moved to the remote end of the pond, away from the road.

On the occasions of my early sightings, I had only my phone camera, which has no telephoto capability.

Today my husband planned to return to the pond for more trout so he could prepare some for canning. After loading his gear in the car, we went to Walmart for other essentials; then I dropped him off at the pond and came home to put away the groceries and complete my other chores before rejoining him at the pond.

When I arrived at the pond, he pointed out the turtle on the opposite shore.  “Aargh! I forgot my camera!” I lamented. I was positive the wonderful Pseudemys scripta elegans, aka Red-eared slider, would be out of sight by the time I went home for my camera and returned, even though we live less than 10 minutes away. We were at the far end of the trail, and my husband was the only person there until my arrival, but I was sure the turtle was already thinking it was becoming crowded. I practically racewalked along the trail back to the parking lot.

The dear creature waited for me. My husband caught five good-sized trout. What a beautiful day.




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