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Effie among Grapes

Special Guest Star Halvor basks in the welcome sunshine on the patio. . . .

Effie enjoys a bit of shade near a chair.

Effie checks out a blackberry branch. She probably doesn’t mind that the blackberries have all been picked. Behind her are ripening Flame grapes.

Happy girl in a pleasant garden!



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Welcome to Krypton, Planet of the Red Sun

This is actually Earth’s sun, which was flame red when I took this photograph at 6:55 this morning. My camera rendered it white, perhaps because its lens went into shock.

The red sun effect is the product of forest fires in northern Idaho; the nearest to us is about 40 miles away.

The 3,200-foot-high basalt hills that mark the edge of the Palouse and compose our northward viewshed are completely obscured by smoke. It all looks like San Bernardino on an exceptionally smoggy day.

I rue having to bag our plan to fish for crappie and bass on the Snake River today, but I bear the bane of those “sensitive individuals” for whom an alert was issued, suggesting we avoid inhaling our local air.

Lightning, not human carelessness, was determined to be the cause of the fires.


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Back to Dworshak (and this time we are skunked)


We returned today to our so-far-favorite lake, Dworshak, where we went for my birthday and I caught my first Kokanee–or any salmon. We enjoyed the beauty of the lake and the quiet. Very few boats were out, and they spread out so everyone seemed to have the lake to themselves. Vic caught a small bass and released the trusting little fellow.  I didn’t secure any nibblers.  Fishing and simply being out in our boat or, fishing from the shore, are sufficient for a day of peace and beauty.

Nothing has changed at Dworshak Lake since my post chronicling our first visit there last month, where you can see the photos that Vic took of our first visit.

At  least the road construction on Highway 12 between Lewiston and Orofino is no longer causing lengthy traffic delays!



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Things to Do When it’s 115° outside

1. Bring your cat or dog in! Now!

2. Tell your friend in San Diego that her 90s weather is the crisper, compared to your Eastern Washington prairie’s seething 115°.

3. Brave the mere heat and take an evidential photo of what you told your friend in San Diego.


4. If relevant to your circumstances, watch your cat napping and take a moment to be very thankful for central air conditioning.


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A powerless morning reclaimed

We get up at 5 a.m. At 5:10 this morning, our electricity went out. Lights, microwave, bathroom fan, washer and dryer (today is laundry day)–virtually every component of our typical routine. I called our power company and responded with my keyboard to the bot’s questions. Was it our house only, or the whole neighborhood? I pressed “2” for the latter.

I am blessed that my  resourceful husband is a true Renaissance genius. He hooked up our generator so I could use the microwave to thaw my bread and cook my egg. He set up our gas camp stove so I could make my coffee (he had already made his before the power shut down). It was already sunny and warm outdoors, and we ate in the garden, aka Effieland, with Effie.

The power outage affected some 130 homes, all across the valley. Happily, power was restored around 7:00 a.m. The outage lasted just over two hours. I don’t know the cause, but I would speculate that the heat has urged inordinately heavy use of air conditioning.

It was fun having the camp stove on the patio and eating in the garden. I would enjoy having our breakfast in the garden more often, even if our electricity provider gets its act together.



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Our beautiful day at Waha Lake

We decided to make our first visit to Waha Lake today and see how it would be for fishing. The 94-acre lake has trout, bass, crappie, and pleasant scenery of the Waha Mountains and lots of trees. Waha Lake is south of Lewiston, Idaho, about 45 minutes from our home in Washington near the Idaho border. We hold fishing licenses for both states.

After driving down an unpaved hill to the parking lot, it was obvious that our truck and boat trailer wouldn’t fit. Vic barely managed to get them turned around so he could unload the boat at the ramp. He tethered the boat and returned to the top of the hill where there was room to park our Ford 150 and trailer, and walked back to the dock, which took just a few minutes. I remained with our boat while chatting with an amiable lady fishing from the dock. Her husband was fishing from the shore, and he caught a large trout and hailed her to let her know he had “one on!”

It was my turn to be skunked, but Vic caught two hefty trout, 14-1/2 and 12 inches. I helped him net them so they would not escape–trout can be canny about staying on a hook.

The scenery was serene and refreshing, and the lake was quiet. Very few fisherman were out, and none were in boats, except for one kayaker.  I think it’s likely we will return soon.

I chat with a woman fishing while Vic parks our truck up the hill from the boat launch.

Vic runs Pisca-Dory’s motor.

Rocks and plants along the shore

Vic’s 14-1/2″ trout

A canola field provides colorful scenery along the way home.


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A pair of pears

My husband planted this pear tree four years ago. It was only a foot tall! Now it’s seven feet tall and we celebrate its first year bearing fruit.

Our plums are on their way, and we hope for ripe fruit late in July.



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