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It’s 102° in Effieland. . .and Effie is not happy about it

P1010978Let’s wait till sunset, Effie. . .it feels like Tripoli out here!

P1010979But I wanna go out NOW!!!!

Hang in their, Effie, just seven hours to go. . .




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Warm reflections and saguaro dreams (still dashed)


I live in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington. As is nearly every other inhabited part of the world to its own denizens, this is the best place in the whole world. It can be hot, and I think I take the heat pretty well, provided our central air conditioning keeps going, which, blessedly, it has. I’m comfortable inside at 76°, with a roast in a 425° oven.

The outdoor temperature in the shade is now 102.6°; our altitude is 1300 ft. My husband told me earlier this afternoon that it was 111° in town, where his office is, at 800 ft.

Feeling a little competitive, I Googled the current temperature at Death Valley. The temperature in Death Valley, elevation -282 ft., was 113°. Yes! We are gaining!

Too bad it gets too cold for Saguaros—but they don’t grow in Death Valley, either. At least we have rabbitbrush. Not to mention future grapes, apples, pears, nectarines–and popcorn!

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At our home, situated 1,300’ above sea level in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington, where we have planted no shade trees because we enjoy having a garden and natural native prairie grasses, the outdoor temperature is 106° F. My husband is out in the shop, where it is also 106°, replacing his truck’s brake shoes. I have been luxuriating in the extravagant boon of our home’s 77-degree air-conditioned interior (Yes! Clearwater Power Cooperative is still up and running!), reading Oliver Twist, because I haven’t read it before. I sometimes think that, with the exception of the Bible, thoughtful fiction is the only source of truth a reader has. Where else would one uncover truth—the news? I think we say “news coverage” for a reason.

We have watering restrictions in place due to low snowpack. I’ve seen no kids taking joyful refuge under sprinklers. The good thing is the quiet. No dogs are barking; they’re being kept in. Since they couldn’t be reading classic fiction, I wonder what they’re watching on TV. I have no idea what’s on TV; I haven’t had or watched one in 24 years. I simply have a strong antipathy for TV. My husband feels the same way, and our cat has never seen a TV, and has no referent for such a thing. There are any number of other 50-inch things against a wall that would interest us more than a TV.

Our chickens are so entertaining. We got them a sprayer for their ark today so they could cool off and get muddy—they love mud—as well as stay hydrated. I move Halvor’s water several times a day, following the shade of the spruce trees and the trash cans. Content to be Too Precious to Go Out, Coolidge basks on the bed.




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Hot footage

109° in the shade -- I took this picture (from the air-conditioned side of the window) of the thermometer, lying in the shade on our deck, on the north side of our house, at 3:20 p.m.

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