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Delicious Flame (Grapes)

I had  finished my chores and eaten lunch, and decided to go outside to Effieland and pick some more Flame grapes while proprietress Effie napped inside.

I picked a pound and five ounces in a couple of minutes, and it took another 10 minutes or so to rinse and stem the grapes. Effie slept through the whole project, completely incurious.

Flames are now my favorite variety of grape. They are sweet with zing, and festively colorful.

Earwigs tend to like grapes as well. Earwigs are also my least favorite bug. With fair consistency, one will emerge from the grapes while I am rinsing them and race creepily along my hand. One did this as I rinsed the grapes I picked today. I flicked the slithery creature into the drain and provided  a hot-water escort to hasten its journey.

Flame grapes



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Picking grapes: Does Effie want to help?

Without help, and with no prompting, Effie mounted the step ladder and looked ready to pick some grapes. A sniff and a lick, unfortunately, seems to have provided less than sufficient motivation to continue.


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Bounty of the vines

This evening we picked nearly nine pounds of grapes from two of our twelve vines in under half an hour. The variety of colors and flavors is amazing–all beautiful, and all delicious. Flame Seedless and Swenson Red are represented here, and we also picked and nibbled a few ripe Canadice as well. After rinsing the grapes, we loaded them into zip-lock freezer bags and put them in the freezer. We have just a few bags left from last year, and the newly picked grapes, and all the ripening grapes we will soon pick, will supply us for at least another year.


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Swenson reds lead our grape season

P1020194We love grapes, and my husband has planted several varieties in the sunny garden that is also our cat’s outdoor dominion known as Effieland. Our Swenson red grapes (pictured) are mostly ripe with some still ripening; the Himrods (green), Canadice (pink), and Flame (purple) are close behind. This evening, we picked, rinsed, stemmed, and froze 4-1/2 pounds of delicious Swenson reds.


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Grapes: Portrait of a summer promise

P1020047Looking like a fruitful year for the vine. . .


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