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Friends don’t let friends download Windows 10

Why?? Isn’t it the best OS ever?

For some, it probably is. I miss Windows 7 Professional terribly. But I might keep 10. So far the leading disadvantage to switching back is undertaking the reversal of a long, grueling process.

I have a chronic repetitive strain injury. I have been unable to use a keyboard since 2009. I hand wrote and scanned my blog posts for a while, but they were, of course, not searchable. Then I tried DragonSpeaking, an exercise that taught me, in just three years, exactly how to feel completely misunderstood. Most people think I have pretty standard American diction.

I had heard of handwriting recognition technology, and my husband and I were tracking its advent to home computers. It wasn’t so long. I got my Samsung Slate PC in 2012. Its operating system was Windows 7 Professional. Two hours out of the box I composed and published a blog post on it. It has performed well on a daily basis and been low maintenance ever since. I can write in its “penbox,” as I call it, or peck at its virtual keyboard with a stylus. The Slate is similar to the MS Surface, which came out two months later.

Recently, my penbox began failing with more and more frequency, and some industry fingers pointed to the “outdated” operating system. I didn’t want to update, but finally I caved. The installation of Windows 10 took HOURS. I got MS phone support, and she was super; she completed the installation for me. But there are some disappointments with 10.

For one thing, the penbox is more difficult to use and less able to read my printing than the old one. But then, so far it hasn’t quit, either–but the old one endured a few years. W7 was intuitive and made it easy to set everything up. W10 is not. It took a while to figure out how to dump MSN as the default home page and replace it with my own choice. It might be intuitively obvious to some, but it’s not encoded in my DNA.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t see what MS sees. While picking up my new glasses, I mentioned to my optician’s assistant that I had made the worst mistake of my recent life last night. I responded to her engaged sympathetic look: “I downloaded Windows 10 last night.” She cringed. She’d done it, too. She regretted it but was going to live with it. Everyone says MS will make everything else useless soon anyway; best to buck up and get it free now. She said my optician downloaded it also, but he hated it enough to switch back. These are bright, tech savvy, heavy users. One accepts the probably inevitable; the other will hold out, probably hoping for a better option down the road.

At this point I’m somewhere in between.



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