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Coolidge: The end of an era

Coo BW


1998 Boy Cat Swing & Swat Champion of the World

June 2, 1998 – August 13, 2015


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Coolidge currently

Through Coolidge we have met some of the Valley’s best and brightest—veterinarians, of course: four, so far. I have been grateful for the earnest interest in Coolidge and the resourcefulness all of them have shown. Some work Saturdays, and all rotate to cover emergencies. We’ve always been impressed with whoever’s on.

Coolidge presents the challenges of advanced years and multiple chronic conditions. He was recently prescribed a course of antibiotics for a UTI, and a new infection set in, immediately behind the one we thought resolved. It wasn’t the wrong drug. It’s nine years of diabetes, confounded with hyperthyroid, and more recently the slamming blow of chronic renal failure. The multi-lateral crash has opened Coolidge’s system to new, opportunistic UTIs with worse bleeding than the one preceding. Immune compromise is a near-inevitable sequel of JTM—Just Too Much.

Gordon Lightfoot has a song, “Christian Island,” I think, that includes “She’s a good old boat, and she’ll stay afloat through the toughest gale and keep sailing. . . .”

That’s the way Coolidge is, and has always been. And we purpose to see him through.


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