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100° in Effieland

Effielanders Effie and Paladin refuse to leave their grounds and come into the house when it’s a mere hundred degrees outside and their water drippers are providing only very warm water. Paladin naps, and Effie walks around drinking warm water. They seem not to mind in the least.

Effie finds a bit of shade in some grass, intermittently drinking warm water without flinching.

Paladin rests in a small patch of grassy shade by a pot of fresh growing catnip. He’s not punch-drunk; the sun’s in his eyes.


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Paladin of the lupines

Paladin seeks shade among lupines and brome next to the fence in Effieland. Away from the shade, the temperature is 84° F, and Paladin’s fur resembles the coat of a Siberian husky.


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The Cats of Effieland

Effieland is a secured 1,000 square foot garden that makes it safe for Effie and Paladin to be outdoors. Lots of grass and a planter of catnip grow there, as do flowers and grapes and berries for the humans who belong to these remarkable cats.

Effie contemplates her sunny dominion


Paladin scans Effieland from beneath a chair


Paladin awaits the opening of the lupines



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New toys for Effie and Paladin

My blogging friend Ellen very kindly sent me five adorable crocheted toys she made for Effie and Paladin, who immediately took to playing with them. I was afraid Paladin’s strong rear claws would shred them, but the tough cotton yarn showed nary a snag after his ferocious workout. They were so much fun to watch! I was impressed by the enthusiasm both my cats showed with these toys, and with the durability of the toys.

Effie claws ferociously at a rainbow ball.

Paladin takes on a drumstick. He gets a little intense, but the toy survives intact!

And here are the five toys Ellen sent.


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Dry chat: “Do you hang out here often?”

Effie and Paladin appear to be sharing secrets on the comfortable rug atop the dryer. Or maybe they’re planning their day in Effieland.


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Effie and Paladin saunter in Effieland

Effie and Paladin have warmed to each other and enjoy strolling in Effieland together.


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Paladin ponders a toy

One of the sad liabilities of feral life is a cat who has never had a toy. Paladin’s age is estimated by the vet who neutered him to be four years old. That’s a long time to grow up toyless, so Vic took a scrap of fabric (under Paladin’s left paw) and tied it with some 20 lb. test monofilament line to a yardstick. We can drag it along the floor and Paladin will pounce on it; or, we can suspend it overhead and he can bat it around. We will get him more toys as he warms to the concept.

Cats need to play with toys to engage with their people and their physical environment. As they become interested, new toys can be introduced, and not only will their coordination and skills sharpen, but their connection with their people will deepen as they play with favorite toys together.


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Paladin adjusting

Paladin has needed a lot of post-op rest.  He eats sufficient moist and dry food and drinks plenty of water.  He uses his litter box faithfully. He is not yet ready to go outdoors for an Effieland romp, because he needs first to get to know the house. The anesthetic has finally worn off, but the surgery itself has a longer recovery time, about 10 days. Some pain might persist, but if it does, Paladin is bravely uncomplaining. He is quiet and sleeping most of the day, but receptive to petting.

Effie entered my study this morning, stalking Paladin.  When she was sure she had sufficient escape clearance, she opened her mouth and hissed loudly at him. He responded silently with a look that said, “Whatever, Lady.”

This afternoon, Paladin received Effie graciously,  even though she marched toward him like a feline drill sergeant, though I know she meant well.

Hang in there, Pal. . . .


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I’m Home: Day 2 of My Captivity

I got out early! My Mom got a call at 10:07 this morning from the vet’s office that I got through surgery and was ready to come home any time! They had told my Mom that I could go home any time after 3:00 PM! My Mom called my Dad and he came right home and picked her up and they came together to bring me home. I was such a hit, and everyone was so happy!

I am so tired. I still have some anesthetic in me. My boy things are gone, and I was wormed in case I had worms, and I got a rabies shot and some kind of 4-way vaccination too. I’m supposed to get those every year. What I am proudest of is my microchip. It means my vet will have a care diary to refer to, and any vet can see it. I feel loved and important to have it. Effie has one too.

My Mom took the photo of me sleeping off the anesthetic in my carrier. She put a bowl of water and a little bit of food out for me in case I wake up thirsty and hungry. I can only have a little bit of food at a time or I could throw up.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind wishes! I feel more loved than I have ever felt in my whole life!



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Day 1 of my captivity

I spent the night last night in Lauren’s study, way up high, just beneath the ceiling, atop her desk. I had nothing but water because of something called a protocol. This morning I have to be stuffed into a cat carrier and hauled to a clinic, where my boy stuff will be taken from me. Lauren and Vic plotted this–my own people!

I’ll let you know how it goes. My people will pick me up this afternoon.


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