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Effie’s turtle malaise

Effie’s turtle has a Velcro pocket for stuffing catnip. Effie adores catnip. Effie had her turtle out of her toy basket. I stuffed its pocket with ground catnip. She played ecstatically with the catnip-stuffed turtle for a few minutes. She was so quick that my shutter speed could not keep up. She soon became bored with the turtle, and I managed a shot of her adorable ennui.



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Effie at the ready

A toy on a string suspended overhead has Effie fully attentive and ready to spring. . . .


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We pause for a mid-air briefing. . .


Effie understands. I think she paused in mid-air so I could catch an Airwalker shot, after the amazing series my husband took last night. It’s raining, and not awfully bright inside, but I managed this with the shutter at 1/320 so I could maximize what light there was.

Now Effie wants to meet with Chuck Yeager for Christmas to discuss gravity suspension.

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Effie demonstrates stages of a possessory interest




I see it. . .I want it. . . mine!

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Effie vs. the Sock


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