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New toys for Effie and Paladin

My blogging friend EllenΒ very kindly sent me five adorable crocheted toys she made for Effie and Paladin, who immediately took to playing with them. I was afraid Paladin’s strong rear claws would shred them, but the tough cotton yarn showed nary a snag after his ferocious workout. They were so much fun to watch! I was impressed by the enthusiasm both my cats showed with these toys, and with the durability of the toys.

Effie claws ferociously at a rainbow ball.

Paladin takes on a drumstick. He gets a little intense, but the toy survives intact!

And here are the five toys Ellen sent.



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Effie’s way-cool new toy!

I knew Effie would love this tunnel as soon as I saw it. Plus, it helped me get free shipping on my order of buckwheat flour!


P1020032We need to look into this. . .

P1020033I smell catnip!

P1020034Ummm, it’s here in a pocket! I love this!

P1020035This is so cool!

P1020036And it’s mine!



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Effie in Toyland, and catnip

Effie’s mouses stray and are difficult to locate. Calls to the Inter-Dimensional Space Cat Toy Unit go unanswered. Effie is given to high-frequency, high-volume vocal expression of her frustration. I keep a mouse stash in a desk drawer. Happily, Effie is fickle, and accepts new ones with alacrity.

While on a shopping errand yesterday, I saw some feather-wand cat toys with catnip-filled mouses tethered from the feather cluster. The mouses make an electronic squeak upon contact with anything, like the floor, or a pouncing, kill-bent cat. They looked great, and I liked their being cat-and-human interactive, so I bought one for Effie and me, and one to send Jane and Murphy. (J–you might want to eviscerate the mouse and remove the squeak unit and stitch it back up.) So far, it’s been as enjoyable for Effie as the laser pen, and more enjoyable for me. It does appear to be addictive, but fortunately, with Effie, things put out of sight can usually stay out of mind.

Ever the child of nature, Effie’s favorite things in the whole world remain fresh-caught grasshoppers and fresh-plucked catnip leaves. She catches her own grasshoppers; I pluck her catnip from a planter on a high platform that my husband built in the garden that remains successfully cat-proof.

P1000950 Effie's catnip
Effie is not deploying her claws as she gently accepts her catnip from my fingers; they are merely ready in case it should ever enter my mind to withdraw the offer.

Effie studies the multiple components of her new toy before deciding on a proper strategy of engagement.

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Effie’s ghost game

I honestly have some reservations about Effie’s fascination with the laser pointer. We’re careful not to point it at her eyes, but I’m not sure she should be quite so obsessed with chasing down something ephemeral, ever hopeful of clutching the non-physical point of light. The moving light speck does get her running, and she chases it throughout the house and up the walls a couple of feet as I walk ahead of her, pointing it in all directions. But I still think a self-respecting cat needs to pounce on objects inherent in physical reality, and shred them to death. I would welcome input from other cat people.



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A way not to lose cat toys without physics

Ancient doorknob technology prevents lost mouses and wear and tear on your knees hunting for them.
If you’ve been tossing your cat mouses to chase, as I have, the hard part is coming to grips with the fact that our cats can have fun without us.

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