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Seven more days. . .


Cats like Cats.

Effie’s surgical follow-up orders require her to remain indoors for 10 days. Outdoors, she would roll in her precious garden dirt, and it is imperative to keep her sutures from infection. She has regained her pluck and recalled that yowling normally opens the door and frees her to enjoy her oversight of Effieland.  It is heartrending for me to see her so frustrated, but keeping her incision clean is a higher priority right now even than her love of fresh air, munching grasses, and bug safaris. She has no way, of course, to grasp this reasoning–she’s a random abstract and we who are charged with her successful recovery are concrete sequential types.

She is finding things to see and do around the house, and I’ve been able so far to distract her somewhat from her thwarted longings and her wailing. Just seven more days, Effie, Princess of Wails. . .



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