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Effie’s New Frontier: Explored, found wanting, and for now abandoned

Our late cat Coolidge never had his teeth cleaned, nor was I willing to subject him to such a trauma, until he was 15. His teeth were all in place and found to be without decay, with some tartar. My diabetic 15-year-old Coolidge survived my worst anxiety, the anesthesia. I still felt my now former vet showed poor judgment. I simply do not believe it was worth the risk.

Effie is 19 months old, and her breath is sweet and her sharp teeth are white. I thought, and confirmed with our vet’s tech, that it would be good to start getting her accustomed to having her teeth brushed. Even just twice a year would likely waylay the necessity later in life of anesthetized cleaning by the vet. I thought it was worth a try, though I still harbor the observation that cats have lived long and prospered without ever undergoing the trial of having their teeth brushed.

Nevertheless, I dutifully picked up this  kitty dental kit at Petco today–finger and handle brushes so she has a choice, and chicken-flavored toothpaste.

Praise God Effie doesn’t hold grudges. She does, however, make her preferences clear. She also has a way of communicating that she is appalled with my incomprehensively insulting suggestion, and it must be retracted at once and never repeated. Acknowledged. Purina is not likely to make kibbles that will destroy a cat’s ability to eat kibbles. Effie eats both kibbles and a high-protein, low-carb tinned food.

Who wants to see a grin without a cat anyway?

P1010467 An idea whose time evidently has gone, at least until symptoms demand its return.

P1010468I cannot believe you would demonstrate such misapprehension of my sensibilities. . . !

P1010473Human, human, thy name is so Mud.


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