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Cat calming collars–do they work?





We bought Effie’s first calming collar when she was in heat due to ovarian remnant syndrome.  She was yowling like a banshee. The collar honestly did not help at all in her–and our–time of need. Trust me, it was a rugged time.

Effie had surgery to remove excess ovarian tissue left behind when she was spayed. She had been spayed just before we adopted her, at 13 months of age. Unfortunately, shelter vets sometimes have too many animals on their dockets and may rush things.

After her ovarian remnant surgery, Effie was much better, but she continued to have yowly bouts. We bought her a fresh calming collar and it helped. Now we keep one on her and a new one ready in the drawer. She sleeps through the night; sleep formerly was not a priority in Effie’s night life.

The calming collar is infused with lavender, chamomile, and mama cat pheromones. Somehow the pheromones work with the fragrant essences, and Effie is a much calmer cat. The collars are supposed to last 30 days, but they are effective for Effie for only 2-3 weeks. We buy the collars at Walmart, where they cost considerably less than at Petco.

I don’t intend to actively recommend the calming collar because I know it may or may not work for other cats; I can only share our experience. Effie will still yowl at times, but she sleeps more at night and sometimes will even accept “No” for an answer, as in, “No, you can’t be outdoors now because we are going to bed and you are not an out-at-night kitty,” etc.

Effie seems proud of her collar. She has never attempted to remove it. She always readily accepted her walking collar with its halter and a lead to walk with me outdoors–though now we seldom use it, because she romps at liberty in the safety of her beloved Effieland.



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