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Effie Surveys Effieland in Season

Effie enjoys sitting on the air conditioner viewing the vastness of her holdings, Effieland.



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Plague of gnats

“He sent swarms of flies among them, which devoured them. . .” Psalm 78:45 (NKJV)

The Eastern Washington prairie in autumn is beautiful for its colors and still mild weather, with alternating rain and sunshine. A less likeable fall feature is the gnats. They swarm, tiny specks of face-level (no matter how tall you are) white flies. They turn black when scrunched, as I tend to think they deserve to be, but then I’m not a bug person.

My husband was able to get photos of a couple of gnats in flight, which is apparently their primary mode of existence.


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Back to the River

After five weeks, we returned to the Snake River upstream of Asotin to fish for bass. I caught an 11-1/2 incher on my first cast, and after about an hour and a half, neither of us caught any more, though I lost two lures to hungry rocks.

The day was spectacularly beautiful: sunny, with contour and light accenting the basalt hills across the water.

My husband took all the photos.


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Autumn hail and colors

A hard rain was falling; it morphed briefly into hail, and ended with the sun returning, evidently indecisive. Minutes before I had picked and stemmed one and a half pounds of Flame grapes.

Hail sparkled for a little while on our deck, and quickly melted under the determined sun.

Autumn’s sunlit colors prevail.


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Effie greets the welcome rain

The rain is beautiful, I suppose largely because it was so long awaited. Effie put up quite the Royal Fuss to enjoy its delightful wetness on her fur, and to show me the wonderful mud she will present when her toes step back indoors and onto the polished wood floors. (I honestly can’t remember right now what sort of wood they are, but they are fairly resilient.)

The fires are out, at least for now, and the grey sky bears rain instead of smoke. The soil is well soaked, and the autumn rain has taken up its annual needed and prayed-for roles, one of which is Effie’s happiness.

Effie rockets off into Effieland after some extensive pining.


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Autumn’s first snow at dusk


Because of our relative proximity to the Mountain Time Zone about 170 miles east of us, dusk comes just before 4:00 PM these days.


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The river fish just won’t leave

p1020363The fall color was spectacular along the river. I took this photo about halfway between Asotin and Couse Creek.

p1020362Couse Creek originates east of Anatone and trickles briskly into the Snake River halfway between Asotin and Heller Bar.

Another pleasant day on the Snake River, watching fish jump but not on our lures. . . .After a while we headed upstream to a beach where Couse Creek trickles into the Snake, cast our lines for a couple of hours, and enjoyed the scenery immensely. Several cockle burrs, unlike the cautious trout, showed a clingy affinity for us and hitched on to our clothing for the trip home.


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The bass elude again

We returned to the Snake River’s Nisqually John area today, casting our lines in mid-river and in lagoons bounded by canyon walls. No takers, but we know Smallmouth are not extinct, because we saw a few jumping. The day began cold and cloudy, warming as the sun reasserted diurnal dominion.

Hells Canyon and the Snake River always reward our visits, with or without delivering up the River’s fish. Today’s special reward was the sight of Red Osier Dogwood blooming up a canyon wall.



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Local color

I’m not big on Halloween, but the colors of Autumn, and pumpkins, are always a cheering sight. These were chosen from the pumpkin patch at Wilson’s, a small local produce market west of Clarkston, Washington, by a customer’s happy toddler.


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Road Trip in the Blue Mountains

Vic and I decided to see the Blue Mountains in Autumn today, and it was a perfect day to see them, as hunting season hasn’t yet opened. I photographed a few samples of the fall scenery from Lickfork Road to Elk Point. Gazeteer jocks will see that our route forms a triangle between Asotin, Washington; Pomeroy, Washington; and the Oregon border.

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