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Pisca-Dory’s Second Launch–and Was it Cold!

We launched Pisca-Dory on the Snake River at Swallows Nest today for her second run. My husband, who designed and built our 19.5-foot dory, wanted to test some new widgets he has added; and, evidently, we were also motivated to take up the challenge of boosting our cold hardiness. We withstood the barely above freezing temperature and biting wind speeds in the teens for more than two hours.

My husband shot the video and initial photo that I incorporated into it, and I wrote the captions, checking with him so I could properly identify the instruments. The new widgets I was sure of identifying correctly were the fishing rod holders.

I was unable to take any photos because I needed at all times to wear my warmest hand gear, which is too chunky and clumsy to make handling my camera possible. I even continued to wear my three-fingered gloves in the boat’s warm heated cabin.

On our Garmin fish finder, we could see fish 12-15 feet below us, but they were, in my husband’s words, “too sleepy and cold” to grab onto our enticing lures, even with the prospect of coming home with us.

The cold notwithstanding, we enjoyed a good time of it. We always enjoy fishing; and fishing is more about fishing than about fish, though we do find it delightful to bring fish home with us.

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Pisca-Dory’s Maiden Launch

Yes! We launched Pisca-Dory on the Snake River this afternoon, fully enjoying two and a half hours of fishing, even though we did not see a single fish. And this was really okay, because the day’s objective was the maiden launch of the dory my husband Vic built over a period of 230 hours, between December 2, 2015 and mid-January 2017.

Vic’s original projected completion time was December 16, 2016, but a prolonged bout of freezing weather interrupted his progress. Pisca is now beautiful, licensed and titled, and water-worthy. Her maiden launch enabled us to take notes for minor modifications and further outfitting details. For instance, I requested a hanging hook for my backpack and jacket. Pisca-Dory is a fishing boat, not a fancy boat; we want her space used efficiently and comfortably.

p1020555rHere she is, ready for transport to the Snake River for her maiden launch.

p1020557rShe arrives at Swallow’s Nest Boat Launch. . .

p1020560rPisca-Dory’s quiet motor takes us at 12 mph at half throttle.Β This is her motor’s break-in speed.

p1020561rVic fishes from Pisca Dory’s gunwale.

p1020562rSmall ice floes still linger by the launch ramp.


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