The active river: Fishing the Snake River from Couse Creek westward

My husband and I took our beautiful dory, Pisca-Dory, out fishing on the Snake River today. We had a very fine day simply being out on the river in the excellent boat my husband built, combined with the pleasant motive of fishing.

              Pisca Dory at Couse Creek Launch

The magnificent scenery along the Snake River, upriver from Couse Creek

Huh? No tourists? Really?

I caught no fish this time, and my husband caught this beauty, an 11-1/2″ Smallmouth Bass.


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4 responses to “The active river: Fishing the Snake River from Couse Creek westward

  1. Nice catch! I prefer to avoid places with snakes. Call me crazy because I live in Australia! So, no going outdoors at my mums. Cheers,H


    • I’m not sure what your point about the snakes is, Helen. The Snake River’s name is for its many turns and curves. I’ve never seen an actual snake in or anywhere near the river.


  2. 15andmeowing

    I didn’t realize your husband had built your boat, very impressive.

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    • He has built four wooden boats; Pisca-Dory is the largest. Now he is building a plane. They take a while–he is a very busy attorney and builds things like boats and planes in his so-called spare time.


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