Paladin with ball under bed

Paladin is very proprietorial about his ball, which likely accounts for his habit of having it under the bed with him. Ellen Pilch of blog, crocheted the ball and several other toys for him as a kind gesture when we were celebrating Paladin’s interest in playing with toys. He precociously transitioned from feral to domestic in just three days after being neutered. He is happy indoors and outdoors in Effieland, an enclosed garden.


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5 responses to “Paladin with ball under bed

  1. 15andmeowing

    I am honored that he likes my toy so much. XO

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  2. I say it’s perfect proof Ferel is not a lost cause. Cheers,H

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    • I say you’re right on, Helen. Paladin was feral and became domestic in three easy days. A home, bed, food, lots of affection, and toys made all the difference.


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