Paladin: “Beds are for Sleeping”

Paladin keeps a lot of his toys in a cat bed. Evidently he intuited the bed’s actual purpose, removed his toys, and climbed in for a nap. I think he likes his bed as much as his toys, at least by the end of the day. On the other hand, Paladin, a tabby with thrifty Scot genes, may simply want the bed to be dual purpose, for toys and for naps.



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19 responses to “Paladin: “Beds are for Sleeping”

  1. My Dad kept putting my toys in the bottom section of my tree. I’d have to pull them all of them out before I could sleep in there. We did this several times before he finally saw me sleeping in there. Humans can be very hard to train sometimes. Purrs, Snoops

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  2. That looks so good right now! Cheers,H

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  3. What a smart cat! I actually leave my toys in my bed!

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  4. Paladin is one clever cat. And cute too!

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  5. Cat toys here seem to be everywhere except in the beds. Interesting that he might actually put them in the bed, and remove them later.

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    • Clever of him to have them all in one place and then removed so he can have access to his bed. Some are visible, lined up along a wall near him. He’ll sometimes attack them when he gets up, but this time he woke up wanting to go out into Effieland and hang out with Effie. I find it admirable in our cats that they assess options.

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  6. Oh gosh paladin so is so adorable in that picture. 🙂

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  7. chrisscatmeow

    Reblogged this on spike the scottish black cat. and commented:
    Sleepy head..

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  8. chrisscatmeow

    I guess Paladin doesn’t want any lumps and bumps in his bed. He looks so sweet sleeping. x😻🐾🐾🐾

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