Colors and Vines of Effieland

My cats Effie and Paladin are out with me in 96° Effieland, but defer from blog appearances today in favor of napping in the shade.

Lupines come in so many wonderful variegated and solid colors. . .


One of my favorite solids is Cream.


More poppies have bloomed since yesterday.


Grapevines are expansive throughout Effieland.



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10 responses to “Colors and Vines of Effieland

  1. Stunning! I think I will miss seeing people’s gsrdens most when walking down my street most about now living on the second floor of an apartment complex. My balcony garden is much less floral or green. Cheers,H

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  2. Effieland is beautiful.

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  3. I enjoy the eastern Washington climate as it is so easy to grow things. I was in Yakima last week enjoying the sun and warmth..

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  4. chrisscatmeow

    Such natural beauty.x

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