Paladin’s window in the sun

Paladin sits on a window sill, looking out toward farms, subdivisions, and basalt hills. We see them very clearly, but the glass collaborates with the bright sunlight to virtually erase what we see.Β  The sunlight and window also conspire to cause Paladin to appear green. For the record, the room is green, Paladin’s eyes are green, and his fur is not green.


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13 responses to “Paladin’s window in the sun

  1. Personally I think he would prefer roaming around outside!

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    • A lot of people might agree with you, Greg, but our cats are limited to Effieland when they are outdoors. It’s 1,000 sq. ft. and fenced all around inclding overhead, and they love it. It has shade, sun, and tasty grasses. Outside of Effieland we have raptors–eagles, hawks, and owls–as well as foxes, coyotes, errant dogs, and mean cats.
      Our cats are free to roam outside in Effieland.

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  2. chrisscatmeow

    What a great place to sit and watch the world go by. Handsome as ever Paladin.x

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  3. He’s the handsomest Cat of Oz!

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  4. 15andmeowing

    Paladin looks very content.

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