Paladin on the Great White Clay Trail

He is amazing. I am persuaded that Paladin would be able to carry close to his own weight in his toes if he had to. Paladin has five toes on each of his front paws. Four toes is the usual, but some cats have seven.

I had just completed vacuuming our home in an hour and 20 minutes. Paladin was outside and looked with pitiable aspiration to come in. I let him in with a rag towel ready, as it was muddy outside. Paladin dodged the rag towel and hurried in. He ate a few bites of food and headed for his litter box. I scooped the one lump from the litter box, disposed of it in a plastic bag, and took it outside to the trash.

Next, Paladin made his rounds between his food in my den and Effie’s food in the dining room, which he regularly raids. The litter between his toes was everywhere. Bits of litter formed a trail from my den, across the hall to my husband’s den, then onward across the living room and into the dining room to Effie’s food.

I hauled out the vacuum again and followed the Great White Clay Trail until it was no more. I took an ibuprofen. Paladin accomplished his indoor errands. He ate his food, he ate Effie’s food, he used his litter box, and he spread kitty litter across his four-room trail.

What a clever laddie Paladin is, and with such commodious toes.



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15 responses to “Paladin on the Great White Clay Trail

  1. Maybe there is a different kind of litter to use, but then maybe the cats won’t like it, so you can’t win.

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  2. His wholesome food and sometimes he and Effie trade their food.


  3. Never knew the number of toes varied from cat to cat, how strange! Why don’t you switch over to sawdust or something similar (I use cocopeat) for the litter? Harder to carry around even with five toes!

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    • Sawdust would really make a mess. Even if it’s not carried around, just digging in it in the litter box shoots it out if the box and onto the floor where it will inevitably be tracked if it’s not immediately vacuumed. Also, kitty litter has a light fragrance that offsets the smell in case the waste is not immediately removed.


  4. So inconsiderate! What will Effie eat? Cheers,H


  5. He looks very satisfied with himself! I bet those big front paws are cute!

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    • He’s difficult to read, Leah. He displays
      as much diffidence as he does satisfaction with himself, though I would not call him smug. Individual cat natures, as you know, are not easy to apprehend, much less describe. And his paws really are cute!

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  6. 15andmeowing

    Those are cute toesies, even if they are messy 🙂 Prancie always tracks litter and she doesn’t have extra toes.

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