Where cats go in the rain

Rain is falling, hard.

Effie has a way of napping in her chair, through rain and almost everything else.

Paladin seeks cover under the bed.


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10 responses to “Where cats go in the rain

  1. My Cino is always under the bed when it rains too.

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  2. They are very resourceful. 😽


  3. Cats so have the right idea when it rains. Cheers,H

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  4. 15andmeowing

    Your mom needs to put a blankie under the bed for you Paladin.:)


    • I have a comfy, thick rubber-backed rug under the bed, Auntie Ellen. I just wanted to be at the far end, up against the wall today instead. I have very thick fur, too, so please don’t worry about me. ❤🐾 ♞

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  5. Lovely critters, you have there.

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  6. Heidi

    Hard rain over a sweep of beautiful landscape is such a joy. And so are cats!

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    • I fully agree, Heidi! The drawback is having to go outdoors to put bags of used kitty litter contents out in the trash, and up to the hen coop to check for eggs.

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