New toys for Effie and Paladin

My blogging friend Ellen very kindly sent me five adorable crocheted toys she made for Effie and Paladin, who immediately took to playing with them. I was afraid Paladin’s strong rear claws would shred them, but the tough cotton yarn showed nary a snag after his ferocious workout. They were so much fun to watch! I was impressed by the enthusiasm both my cats showed with these toys, and with the durability of the toys.

Effie claws ferociously at a rainbow ball.

Paladin takes on a drumstick. He gets a little intense, but the toy survives intact!

And here are the five toys Ellen sent.



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7 responses to “New toys for Effie and Paladin

  1. 15andmeowing

    I am glad they are enjoying their toys. That is a drumstick, not a pineapple 🙂

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    • Ooops, sorry! I wasn’t sure, and somehow it was fun referring to a khaki banana. . .Whatever it represents–and you are the artist–Paladin really likes it! Effie loves her rainbow ball, too! We are very thankful for your kindness and generosity; we never expected five toys! Is the white one with the long tail a mouse?


    • I added an addendum photo of all the toys in a pretty periwinkle bowl. 😊


  2. Ellen makes great toys, Glad your two are enjoying them,

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