Back on the river again: Our happy anniversary

Today for our 22nd anniversary, Vic took the day off from work and we chose to go fishing in the sunshine. We didn’t catch anything, although a minnow did grab my lure and keep a fair pace for a minute. He freed himself before I could free him.

We fished and ate lunch and enjoyed the Snake River aboard Pisca-Dory, the beautiful 19-1/2 foot dory Vic built from 2016-2017.

                                        Pisca Dory at Pony Island in the Snake River

Huge pelican flocks added to our enjoyment. Pelicans are my favorite birds; their grace in flight is wonderful to observe.

                                                                 Vic at the helm

                            Here we are, the happy 22nd anniversary cruising couple!


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12 responses to “Back on the river again: Our happy anniversary

  1. Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!!

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  2. Jane

    awwww…that’s great! Happy happy, you two!

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  3. Ah, fishing season! How does Effie feel about you being gone for hours on end? cheers,H


  4. What an idyllic day! Happy anniversary, Lauren and Vic, wish you many more wonderful years together!

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  5. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a lovely day!

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  6. 15andmeowing

    Happy Anniversary!! I am glad you had a nice day.

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