Paladin adjusting

Paladin has needed a lot of post-op rest.  He eats sufficient moist and dry food and drinks plenty of water.  He uses his litter box faithfully. He is not yet ready to go outdoors for an Effieland romp, because he needs first to get to know the house. The anesthetic has finally worn off, but the surgery itself has a longer recovery time, about 10 days. Some pain might persist, but if it does, Paladin is bravely uncomplaining. He is quiet and sleeping most of the day, but receptive to petting.

Effie entered my study this morning, stalking Paladin.  When she was sure she had sufficient escape clearance, she opened her mouth and hissed loudly at him. He responded silently with a look that said, “Whatever, Lady.”

This afternoon, Paladin received Effie graciously,  even though she marched toward him like a feline drill sergeant, though I know she meant well.

Hang in there, Pal. . . .


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11 responses to “Paladin adjusting

  1. I am sure Paladin will soon be an active member of his family!
    He is progressing so well!

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    • Thanks, Marv. He is sleeping a lot, but I believe he will be very active and interactive with us once he feels secure and begins to explore and find his way around. ~~Paladin’s Mom


  2. 15andmeowing

    Sounds like things are going well.

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  3. Mary McNeil

    Good for Paladin !

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    • That’s what we think, Mary! Thank you for your encouragement. Turf wars are not our way, and Effie is learning to develop boundaries! It’s a whole new concept for her! I love it!


  4. Probably just a matter of getting acquainted–Effie and him. Paladin will be back to his old self, or maybe even a better self, in a few more days, I feel certain.

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  5. chrisscatmeow

    Reblogged this on spike the scottish black cat. and commented:
    Paladin continued.

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  6. chrisscatmeow

    Hopefully it will be a joyful ending with Effie becoming Paladins friend. Good luck to everyone. x😻🐾🐾

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  7. I love it when a plan comes together! Cheers,H

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