Paladin’s tummy frolic

This is Paladin. I named him for the lead gunslinger-protector in the TV Western “Have Gun Will Travel,” that ran from 1957-1963, and starred Richard Boone as Paladin, whose insignia was a chess knight. A line in the theme song was “A knight without armor in a savage land. . .”  Paladin is like that. He’s a stray, and 100% feral.

But my husband and I are 100% committed to providing him a home. He is not neutered. He has probably never been vaccinated, microchipped, fed quality food, fed regularly at all, slept indoors, or had any toys. We have no idea what his age is. He appears to have arthritis in his hip. I doubt he has ever before received kindness or affection, a tummy rub, or combing, or petting while being told what a sweet, beautiful Tabby kitty he is. Like Effie, Paladin deserves the best of everything.

Paladin often makes rounds with Torvald, who has a home nearby, and they come to our house for breakfast on the patio most days. Sometimes they return for lunch and/or dinner.  They know they are always welcome and can count on healthy natural kibbles and tinned Fancy Feast, garnished with healthy treats.

We have made an appointment for Paladin with the Animal Shelter Pet Clinic toward the end of March, the earliest time available when I called last week. Paladin will be neutered, microchipped, checked for worms and treated if he has them, and vaccinated for rabies and receive  other recommended vaccinations. The cost of all of this, including his neutering surgery, is only about $90.00. Paladin will be able to come home–Home!–the same day.

Effie is very sweet natured with Halvor (our shop cat) and Torvald, who lives nearby. She is in Effieland, her gated garden, when she is outdoors. I think she might permit Paladin to share her outdoor dominion at times. I hope he will curtail his roaming. Mostly we hope he desires an indoor home as much as we desire to provide it for him. He and Effie are both sweet-tempered, though Effie tends to express her limits, and Paladin is remarkably shy. He can be skittish, but he purrs and lets me pet him while he is eating outside.

I can only think we will all have the space we need, and get along very well.


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24 responses to “Paladin’s tummy frolic

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  2. chrisscatmeow

    Just saw Paladin on Tummy Rub Tuesday what a lovely boy he is. Your such caring,loving people to help Paladin. I hope to keep up with you now to see how he settles into his forever home. Hugs and Purrs. Christine from Scotland.x

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    • Christine, thank you, I appreciate your kind words and your vote of confidence very much. Sadly, Paladin has not come around since Saturday. We don’t know why or what’s become of him. We need to cancel his appointment for neutering because his appearance cannot be assured. It’s been devastating, but we can’t force him into our home. I’ve held the door open for him several times and he has bolted. I pray he’s all right wherever he his. He seems a husky trooper!


    • Whoa! Belay my first reply above. Guess who just showed up and had some kibbles and hung out for a little while before heading out again! It does make it hard to keep the neutering surgery schedule–no food for 9 hours before, etc. ~ Lauren

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  4. Jane

    I do so hope that all goes well, and that this beautiful kitty becomes a member of your household!

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  5. Your home has so much love! Hopefully Effie can share with her brother from a different mother. Thanks for the update. Cheers,H

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  6. Awwwwwwwwww he is such a cutie and can’t wait to feature him on TRT 🙂

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  7. 15andmeowing

    Paladin is adorable. I think if you keep him crated for a few days inside or in a bathroom after his neuter, he will choose the indoor life. I am surprised your clinic has you make an apt. for a feral. Our local clinic is open for ferals Tues-Thursday, you just bring them in inside of a trap. They only charge $30 for everything because they get a lot of grants to help. I will be praying it all works out. If you have any questions, please email me Brody was a feral and he fit right in ( well, after a little turmoil).

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    • Ellen, I really appreciate your encouragement from your experience–thank you! Our clinic here has to make appointments because there are too many to line up in one day. Sadly, there are lots of feral cats, and happily, lots of people want to take them in but want them neutered first. A small clinic with one vet simply can’t neuter all the ferals at the same time or even in the same month, so appointments are necessary. In the meantime, we enjoy our patio visits with Paladin. I look forward to his settling in! Thanks for your email address; I will get in touch with questions, disappointments, or news to celebrate!


  8. Oh I’m so happy when kitties find a good home! Wonderful for you to take him in! They usually figure it out and get along with other cats. Tiger and Benji have and at the beginning I had my doubts!

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    • Paladin won’t actually come in the house until he’s neutered, late in March. For now, we pet and praise him on the patio, and he has a cushy sleeping bag in the shed to sleep on. He came for dinner tonight, and we were very attentive to him outside. I expect that in less than a month he will be eating and sleeping inside. It has been so cold here–it snowed a fair amount today, but the cold wind blew it away.

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  9. God bless you for caring for Paladin. He actually looks pretty healthy in the photo for a feral.

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    • Thank you for your very kind words, LeeAnn. He does seem to be pretty healthy, and he might eat on a circuit, since we only see him eat once or twice a day. He likes being petted, but not picked up, and I think that may be because of his hip. He may be arthritic or have met with a casualty. He was frightened of being petted at first, so I was thrilled when he purred while I stroked him as he ate. Leah is right, it will be a long orientation and adjustment!

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  10. Congratulations! I truly think they choose us, and take their own time about revealing that they have plans for our homes . . . Seriously, this is how some of our ferals and semi-ferals slowly made their way inside. It does take them a long time to make all the adjustments.

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    • Thank you, Leah. It’s new territory for me. My husband has been saying the same thing about the long-time adjustment, but it isn’t such a daunting prospect, really. At some point Paladin will settle in. Effie is kind of a little mommy, I think, and she’ll walk him through it. I’ll take Pal into Effieland when Effie’s there and we’ll all walk around pleasantly. . .

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