Effie’s turtle malaise

Effie’s turtle has a Velcro pocket for stuffing catnip. Effie adores catnip. Effie had her turtle out of her toy basket. I stuffed its pocket with ground catnip. She played ecstatically with the catnip-stuffed turtle for a few minutes. She was so quick that my shutter speed could not keep up. She soon became bored with the turtle, and I managed a shot of her adorable ennui.


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12 responses to “Effie’s turtle malaise

  1. That’s the trouble with these speedy cats, you can never capture the cuteness. At least, not if you’re an amateur with a mobile like me. Even videos don’t do them justice.

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    • I find it a tough call, Harini: Do I use a 1/2000 shutter speed indoors and let the photo be dark, or get decent lighting and no action? It’s always a tough call indoors with Effie. But we know that with our cats, cute is cute, whatever they do.


  2. What a cute cat with a cute catnip turtle. Have fun with Mr. Turtle Effie.

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  3. I thi k it has something to do with the vent she found? Chees,H

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  4. Jane

    It’s as though she’s saying, “Well, what’re you looking at?? Doesn’t everybody have a catnip turtle??”

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  5. I keep thinking that I should copyright Effie’s cuteness. . . .


  6. Heidi

    We all need a turtle companion, clearly. Though we might not all look so cute in photos with our turtle companion.

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