Effie reviews plans for the fuselage of Vic’s plane

As some of our friends know, my husband Vic is building an airplane. Vic is using public domain Piper plans for a PA-14, a four-seat bush plane, but our plane will have two seats. Effie, always faithfully curious of why we are occupying her floor space, looks on with supervisorial interest.


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8 responses to “Effie reviews plans for the fuselage of Vic’s plane

  1. Wow, that’s so exciting! And so clever. I can’t imagine actually building a plane! Is Effie going to be ride in it too?

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    • My husband is a Renaissance genius; he has a way of manifesting whatever he imagines. He’s very diligent about getting things right so that they are safe, useful, amazing, etc. Effie probably won’t like flying much more than she likes riding in the car, which is Not At All. I wish she had the traveling spirit so she could come with us, but it’s harrowing just taking her to the vet, a 10-minute drive. We’ll see–maybe she’ll love flying. . . .


  2. I wonder if she plans to go for a trip in the plane once it’s ready. 😼

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  3. What is this thing? Why is it down here? Why is daddy playing on my floor? Can I play too? I suspect Effie will be neglected for a little while? No laps to sit on? Pats? channeling Effie………Cheers,H

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