Three faces and scarf

I was wearing this scarf in the cold wind yesterday, to a doctor’s appointment and the pharmacy. I find the scarf pretty, and it’s also warm and doesn’t itch. My Mum-in-law made it for me last Christmas. I sent her a note yesterday that I continue to love the scarf, and that it receives compliments every time I wear it. I took this photo so she would know to which scarf I was referring; she has sent me several.

Our expressions: I am taking the selfie, and it is taking a bit of strategy to get the three of us in the frame. Effie’s expression is adorably coy, but she’s a tad squirmy; and Vic is thinking about something funny.


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10 responses to “Three faces and scarf

  1. What’s not to love? Poor Effie. Cheers,H


  2. Heidi

    Oh, look at you dear three. ❀

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  3. 15andmeowing

    Cute photo, that is a nice scarf.

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  4. Great portrait of everyone, a nice scarf indeed, and I love the variety of expressions!

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  5. Hello you three!! Looking good! And I love the expression on Effie’s face! 😊

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