Please, Nobel Committee, consider this

It always seems to me that there is a Nobel Prize for everything, but millions of women, including myself, rue the absence of a useful, nifty, lightweight, silent dusting tool.

Rags require us to be in close proximity to the dust, and feathers and mop-like twisted rag fragments simply scatter the dust, most of it into the face of the individual using it.

I have been frustrated for some time  that no competent lightweight manual dusting device has entered the marketplace. I think a Nobel Prize for such a practical tool would be a strong incentive for development of such an admittedly mundane, prosaic object, and it would be an invention the time of which has arrived.

My own improvisation. A pony-tail elastic binds a duster (I don’t recall to what it was formerly bound) to an adjustable pole handle from something else, I have no recollection what. Trust me, it’s inefficient and frustrating, and places me at no risk of having to fly to Sweden to accept a Nobel Prize.



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8 responses to “Please, Nobel Committee, consider this

  1. 15andmeowing

    Great invention.

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  2. At first glance I thought your picture was a branch or sprig from some unknown tree. On second thought, maybe that would work better?? It would also release a fresh pine smell while you work! 🙂


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