Effie’s warm spot

Even  set to low heat, the top of the dryer is a cozy spot for thin-furred Effie. The temperature outdoors was 37° when she came in from a morning romp around Effieland, and earlier it had hit 32°.



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6 responses to “Effie’s warm spot

  1. I was thinking a nicely folded towel? And it’s because cats are weird. It’s why we love them?

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    • Effie has a towel on the bed–the dryer is slick metal and I think a towel would likely skid off too easily. A blanket would probably stay on better, but she likes lolling on the uncovered surface quite well. . .


  2. 15andmeowing

    Tell your Mom you need a blankie on there too.

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  3. Smart girl! Cats always find the best places for themselves! 🙂

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