Effie and a too-close goldfinch encounter

Effie has never killed a bird, but her chasing of birds has resulted in a few avian injuries. She has injured them but backed off and let them recover and fly off. This morning was different. Looking out the window, I saw her tossing a tiny bird in the air, batting it, and catching it with her paws and her teeth. When the little creature hit the ground without getting up, I intervened.

Effie lay down on her haunches next to me while I examined the little bird, a tiny female goldfinch. Her eyes were closed, but she was breathing. One wing looked disjointed. She flexed her feet continuously, and I thought it could be rigor mortis.

The birds who have hit the ground of Effieland stunned have been ones who entered through the fence and eventually crashed into the outside of our house and simply landed there, stunned for a while. Effie always left them alone to recover, and eventually they regained the strength to return through the wire fencing and depart. Invariably these birds were mourning doves. They were large and strong and canny, and Effie only chased them when they were flying and her attempts to snag them were thwarted.

The goldfinch was very small, and I was furious to see Effie playing a catch-and-launch game with it. When the little bird hit the ground and didn’t get up, the game was over. I gave Effie to understand that I was her prey’s protector. She yowled to return to her garden, but I stood fast. She was grounded whether she understood the reason or not. She is napping peaceably in her chair.

I went out to the spot where the bird had been after about an hour, grim at the thought of Effie’s first bird kill. But the little finch was gone! She had left her spot and I could not find her anywhere in Effieland, though it would be almost impossible to see her among all the vegetation. In any case, Effie is not there for now, and no other predators can get in.

Thanks to God’s preserving grace, this tiny female goldfinch is a true survivor!

AFTERWORD: Confident that the little goldfinch escaped, I relented and let Effie out to resume her proper role as sovereign of Effieland. She played cat and bird too roughly, but the bird evidently survived and will likely select gentler play companions in the future.



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10 responses to “Effie and a too-close goldfinch encounter

  1. This sounds very familiar now. We are always rescuing creatures from Punkin Puss these days, I’m quite worn out by the mouse adventure that lasted all of two days and hopefully ended happily this morning!

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    • Cats! The genetically engineered killers we love in spite of their gladness in killing. I admit I would not miss a mouse from the earth if Effie snuffed one. A bird is a different story altogether. Effie has not harmed a bird since the goldfinch she mauled that I rescued in her presence.


      • I love mice! The ones we get are so sweet and bright-eyed. I’d rather they stayed out of the house of course, but I’d hate to see them killed.

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        • Okay, Harini, if you find mice endearing, your kindness is completely appropriate. I’m a little nervous about them being potential vectors of Lyme disease, Salmonella, Rat Bite Fever, Hanta virus, Typhus, and Plague. 🐀


  2. I’m so glad to hear the bird was ok (let’s hope). Effie was just acting naturally, however in a book I read recently a man taught his dog to respect all life. Such a sweet thing. 🙂

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    • I’m working on the same thing with Effie, to respect life, but I’m afraid I do have a tendency to think insects and rodents (we have very few of the latter, and I’ve never seen one in Effieland) are fair game.

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  3. Bad Effie! It’s awful when their occasional natural instinct proves successful. Jamima once caught a gecko and bought it inside. I rescued it and set it free outside. Minus it’s tail. (They drop them when frightened but can regrow a new tail). Jamima kept returning to the last place she had seen it. Hopefully, the birds keep their distance and Effie takes to admiring them? Cheers,H

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    • At least the bird survived and escaped. Later she nailed a praying mantis and let it go. I have no problem with her preying on bugs, but mantises eat other bugs, so they’re ok–she must have known that.

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  4. Heidi

    I am often a little perplexed at the attitude that humans shouldn’t interfere in this sort of thing and just let nature take its course. We are part of the created world too. Capable of compassion and the ability to intervene! Effie is just doing what cats do. Humans have a choice! I’m glad you are a compassionate human: I’m sure the bird is too. ❤

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    • 😻 I’m in doubt that birds can extrapolate to that extent, but Effie is certainly instinct-drawn to play with birds. She appears to have no interest in eating them–they are more like flying toys in her midst, and apparently something restricts her nature from summarily snuffing them. But I can’t know how she processes these things or what she thinks when she perceives things that supposedly awaken her “killer instinct” or her snuggle-purr responses.

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