The Heart and Mistress of Effieland

My name is Euphemia, Effie for short. My people have a garden named Effieland, and it is a place where I love to prowl, hunt, and nap, and eat a variety of delicious grasses. In summer and early fall, my Mom picks a few fresh catnip leaves for me every day from a flower pot of catnip my Dad planted. I also hunt bugs and run and jump a lot here, so I get lots of healthy exercise, in sunshine, rain, and snow.

My Mom is paranoid about foxtails, which are sharp little spears of brome growing in Effieland. She is afraid the foxtails will penetrate my skin and cause an abscess. This happened to a dog she had a long time ago, and the vet had to operate to remove the sharp little projectile. So she combs me every time I come indoors! But foxtails are very bad, so I let her comb me and I only leave a few teeth marks in her hands if I get playful or just bored.

I love Effieland because I am the Effielander, and Effieland is my dominion–but I do let my Mom and Dad pick grapes, berries, and tomatoes from the vines they planted. I just don’t understand why they don’t like to eat bugs! Bugs are so delicious!


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2 responses to “The Heart and Mistress of Effieland

  1. Oh, we must all suffer the indignities of our owners/pets. Cheers,H


    • Timely comment, friend Helen. I just found Effie tossing and mauling a tiny female goldfinch. I’m waiting to see whether the poor bird survives, and Effie is grounded indoors until the goldfinch flies out or perishes. I think she knows I’m very cross with her. . . .

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