Effie greets the welcome rain

The rain is beautiful, I suppose largely because it was so long awaited. Effie put up quite the Royal Fuss to enjoy its delightful wetness on her fur, and to show me the wonderful mud she will present when her toes step back indoors and onto the polished wood floors. (I honestly can’t remember right now what sort of wood they are, but they are fairly resilient.)

The fires are out, at least for now, and the grey sky bears rain instead of smoke. The soil is well soaked, and the autumn rain has taken up its annual needed and prayed-for roles, one of which is Effie’s happiness.

Effie rockets off into Effieland after some extensive pining.


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6 responses to “Effie greets the welcome rain

  1. 15andmeowing

    Glad you got to go outside Effie. Thank you for the kind words you left for Phoebe , they are appreciated. XO

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  2. That is an interesting angel of Effie. Showing her gallop to freedom. Cheers,H


  3. Good thing the rain arrived to fight the fires and cleanse the air for you all! I’m happy Effie likes it too as she can go outside again. My 2 boys are not as happy about it here. They look at it through the glass sliding doors and then up at me as if I should be able to stop it for them; so they are spending more time inside. Still I welcome it here too!

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