The red and the purple

My husband and I today harvested 30 pounds of grapes between us. We now have 80 pounds of grapes processed–44 pounds became juice and about 36 pounds are stemmed frozen grapes. Today’s efforts were my husband’s processing of 22 pounds of Swenson red grapes into juice, and I picked, stemmed, bagged, and froze eight pounds of Flame grapes. They are all so delicious, as well as beautiful colors.

My husband also harvested and canned ten pounds of yummy ripe French Prune d’Ente purple plums.

Flame grapes on the vine


French Prune d’Ente purple plums on the tree



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11 responses to “The red and the purple

  1. They look really pretty. I once did a season of grape picking. Just one season. It was enough. I do not get wine either but I appreciate the mentality of day drinking…….Cheers,H

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  2. Yummy… Wow you are soo lucky to eat your own grapes.

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  3. That is a lot of grapes! Do you freeze them for eating or to make wine and jelly?

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    • We eat them–they’re wonderful frozen. We don’t drink wine, and I don’t make jelly–I mash grapes, frozen or fresh, on the sunflower seed butter I spread on my bread. I think it’s better than any jelly!


  4. What a treat to grow your own grapes! They are gorgeous!

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  5. Heidi

    how wonderful!

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