Smoke: The sequel

Smoke is no exception to the rule that the sequel is always worse. Probably because of the wind direction, the smoke from a new batch of forest fires surrounds us. The smell is the worst yet. The basalt hills are not yet completely screened out, but this time we are surrounded on all sides. It’s thick. Effie of course wants to be out in Effieland. I picked some catnip sprigs for her to eat indoors. She was momentarily compensated but now wishes to be let out again.

It’s going to be kind of a day here. . . .

Effie looks longingly through the window at her beloved Effieland  and I try to combine consolation with my chores. She caught and ate a tiny bug, which brought her transitory happiness.



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12 responses to “Smoke: The sequel

  1. Think it’s time to revisit Sad Cat Diaries. Some of your tone re ‘bugs’ is very similar. (With love) Hope the fires are put out soon. Effie will be back out there in no time whatsoever…….Cheers,H

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    • Effie is back out, along with the smoke. She loves chasing bugs. But today she scaled her fence and nabbed a Mourning dove. The dove flew up to a high part of the enclosure and Effie climbed the wire fencing with serious determination. I was outside and noticed a gap in the wire near the latch. So did Effie. My husband had just left for his office, and I called him and he came home after meeting with a client. I brought Effie in until her gate was secure, and he filled the gap.

      I thought she had killed the dove, but I’ve seen doves recover before and escape. Thankfully, this one did too, and my precious girl remains, to my knowledge, not a killer of birds.


  2. Sorry you can’t go out in Effieland right now.

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  3. Oh sorry to hear it! Things improved here substantially in the last week when we finally got some rain (though not enough.) Much endurance to all of you there (including beautiful Effie) and hoping for clean, fresh air for you soon!

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  4. That always helps. ❤


  5. Heidi

    I’m so sorry. What a discouraging trial for all affected. We will keep praying.

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