Happy Dissipation Day!

The smoke is finally on the retreat! Clouds are becoming visible against a light-blue sky, and we can more clearly see the contours of the basalt hills of Hells Canyon. The air smells fresh, and I have no worries about Effie spending more time in Effieland.

Still a little gauzy, but it beats grey-out obscurity, and the sky looks brighter to my eye than it looks to my camera.


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9 responses to “Happy Dissipation Day!

  1. Smoke? was there a wildfire near you? Hope you’re OK. Glad smoke is letting up


  2. Great view despite the smokey haze. Cheers,H

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    • Happily we were never in any danger. The smoke was far enough off not to be a threat–except to our aesthetic and olfactory sensibilities. The smoke was not pretty and did not smell good! Some people were probably more susceptible to the smoke than we were.

      Thank you for your kind comment, LeeAnn. I appreciate it, because the smoke could have been a lot worse and the fires could have been a lot closer!

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  3. Heidi

    Wonderful! !

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