Effie desponds over Effieland precautions

Effie’s veterinarian recommended pets should be kept indoors until the smoke from the forest fires departs. Effie yowled in protest, and my husband was quite sure the smoke hadn’t killed or sickened us, and Effie was likely more resilient.

I’ve been letting her out for a half-hour to an hour at a time, and she seems perfectly well. She becomes understandably grumpy when I bring her in, unless she wants to come in.

I limit her time outdoors only because of our vet’s advisory. It’s difficult, because Effie yowls incessantly if she can’t be outdoors when she wants to be in her wonderful garden place, Effieland.

She came in a little while ago–actually I entered Effieland and carried her into the house. She ate some of her food and retreated to her window perch, looking somewhere between not amused and somewhat despondent.

“The smoke cannot retreat soon enough. . . .”



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4 responses to “Effie desponds over Effieland precautions

  1. Poor Effie. Since we started walking Phoebe on a harness, she wants to always be outside so she yowls a lot too.


    • It’s awful when they let us know that They Are Not Happy.

      I used to walk Effie with a halter, but she railed against it. She wanted her independence. I couldn’t let her just have the run of our unfenced property, with raptors overhead, and raccoons, foxes, coyotes, mean cats, and stray dogs (I call the sheriff about the dogs). My husband wanted to fence off the garden, and now Effie and the garden have a wonderful relationship. Effie has shade and places to hide, and bugs to chase and birds to watch. Her presence also keeps the birds from marauding the fruit!


  2. Poor girl! We are all starting to feel the same way though it hasn’t come to that yet on this side of the mountains. At least we are starting to hear rain in the forecast. Bring it on!

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