It’s 112° in Effieland and Effie finds shade. . .

under a grapevine, where even the paving stones are cool!


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4 responses to “It’s 112° in Effieland and Effie finds shade. . .

  1. Cats handle the heat in such weird ways………ami a loved to climb into bed! Seriously, layers of bedding. And inside the couch………..I have no idea how she coped. Cheers,H


    • It’s 113 now! I just went out to bring Effie in. Amazingly, the paving stones were still cool, but she couldn’t go anywhere from that little shady spot. I brought her in and she’s sleeping on a chair now, and the air conditioning is comfortable.

      Meanwhile, I’m praying that the water in Houston subsides. I have a friend there, who, thank the Lord, is very resourceful, but Huricane Harvey is breaking records. . .


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