Bounty of the vines

This evening we picked nearly nine pounds of grapes from two of our twelve vines in under half an hour. The variety of colors and flavors is amazing–all beautiful, and all delicious. Flame Seedless and Swenson Red are represented here, and we also picked and nibbled a few ripe Canadice as well. After rinsing the grapes, we loaded them into zip-lock freezer bags and put them in the freezer. We have just a few bags left from last year, and the newly picked grapes, and all the ripening grapes we will soon pick, will supply us for at least another year.


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11 responses to “Bounty of the vines

  1. Wow 9 pounds of grapes. You won’t go hungry.


  2. Nice yield. You do not want to know of my one season of grape-picking. My last home had a red timber trellis in the back yard with ornamental grapes……very picturesque. Cheers, H

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  3. I didn’t realize you could freeze them to save to eat. Our grapes won’t be ready until the end of September.

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