Where there’s smoke, there needn’t be ire

It’s back. Smoke from lightning fires in central Washington has blown east to the Palouse. We can see the hills this time, but the sky is a pale smoke grey, and the sun, while we could see it, was bright orange-red.

We live close to nature, and we love it here. Nature is temperamental, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We have  incredible, well-equipped people who can put out fires. On the west side of the state, Highway 410 had to be closed because of the fires. I am not aware of any such inconveniences on the east side where we are.

It’s okay. This is God and Nature. It’s not our turn to think we run things on this planet. I happen to know who does: my six-year-old granddaughter; and of course, our cat, Effie.

Effie, Supreme Allied Cat



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4 responses to “Where there’s smoke, there needn’t be ire

  1. Sorry the smoke is back.

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    • Thank you, Ellen. Happily and strangely, it isn’t affecting my breathing at all, and there’s no hint at all of any smoke smell. It’s all just visual, but more sensitive people might feel it more. I’ve been indoors most of the day. There’s hardly any wind where I am, so the firefighters are probably good progress. I hope so!


  2. Heidi

    Your little granddaughter and Effie would run a charming universe, no doubt! !! So sorry for the folks who have to fight these, but also so grateful for them. I will pray this can be put out quickly!

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