Eerie eclipse

Pleading earnest apathy, I refused to observe the solar eclipse, even with my husband’s offer of welding filter goggles. I don’t know for sure that looking at the phenomenon at all, through anything, will not hasten my “incipient cataracts” to the surgeon’s table. I’ve been given a 5-8-year pass with no change for nine years. My eyes still correct to 20-20. I like the trend.

Through my windows half an hour ago, I could see a fairly dark sky, and zombie-still trees in what is usually the wind belt of the Palouse. The stillness is beautiful. I don’t need to see the moon occlude the sun. An eclipse, after all, is the original “Nothing to see here, Ma’am, move along. . .” But if you think it’s something to see, by all means, protect your eyes and enjoy the sight!

The sky actually brightened as I composed the photo through my window.



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2 responses to “Eerie eclipse

  1. mo

    it was very cool to see.

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