Chinook rebuff

Today marked the arrival of Chinook salmon to the Snake River from the Pacific Ocean, and the state’s approval to fish for them. My husband took the morning off so we could fish for the salmon while they’re here and before the females lay their eggs and the males follow to fertilize the eggs. The adults typically die after these accomplishments.

We did not manage to intercept the life cycle of any salmon. My husband caught a good-size bass, and I was skunked. We enjoyed a pleasant morning on the river. We saw a few salmon jumping, but not for the joy of coming home with us.

The railroad bridge across the Snake River

Sunbeams glistening on the river



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14 responses to “Chinook rebuff

  1. jimenobaeznarvaez

    Yes it is up to God. no-account you didn’t begin any Salmon.


  2. Nice photos. Sorry you weren’t able to get any salmon.☹☹😭😭


  3. Heidi

    Maybe none of them were Somebody’s.

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  4. Very nice photos. Sorry you didn’t get any salmon.

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