Effie among Grapes

Special Guest Star Halvor basks in the welcome sunshine on the patio. . . .

Effie enjoys a bit of shade near a chair.

Effie checks out a blackberry branch. She probably doesn’t mind that the blackberries have all been picked. Behind her are ripening Flame grapes.

Happy girl in a pleasant garden!


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4 responses to “Effie among Grapes

  1. Oh! How does Effie deal with the bit of ginger fluff on her turf? She does look. Dry chilled out about it. Cheers,H

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    • Halvor can’t enter Effieland, but he comes by and tries to ignore Effie. She sticks her paws through the fence to remind him to keep back. He sulks but he’s happy when I scratch his head.


  2. Effie is so pretty. And the guest is a cutie too.

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    • Thanks, Ellen. Halvor is actually a resident, but he stays in my husband’s shop at night, and I let him in and out during the day. He was a neglected neighborhood cat, and I couldn’t stand it. We feed him the same food as Effie gets. He loves us and we care very much for him. Effie appears to like him, but she is very proprietorial about Efieland, and she’ll actually atack him (through the fence) if he makes a move toward the gate! At least he has meals, a warm place to sleep, and people who love him. And I think he knows that Effie adores him but she wants to remain in control of HER space!


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