A welcome touch of blue (even if it’s not the sky)

As I fed Effie her daily fresh catnip leaves in Effieland this morning, I noticed a small handful of suddenly ripe blueberries that brought me joy and consolation nearly two weeks into the absence of any hint of blue in the sky or elsewhere. The smoke is predicted to clear tomorrow–we’ll see. Much-needed rain and westerly winds continue to elude the smokey valley.

I’ve picked all the blackberries, and Vic picks several large, full stems of Himrod (green) and Flame (dark pink) grapes every evening. We’re thankful we have plenty of water on tap to keep the fruits of the garden and the chickens hale.

We are also extremely thankful for the aerial and land firefighting crews in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. May God continue to sustain these wonderful people. I don’t know how the losses they have prevented can ever be calculated.


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4 responses to “A welcome touch of blue (even if it’s not the sky)

  1. Ah, bushfires. I hope you have Elvis hard at work? (The water bombing plane?) What is it with the world and blueberries? I did 4 seasons in my Youth. Packing, it paid more than picking. But more stressful. Cheers,H


  2. I feel very bad for all those affected by the fires.

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    • Probably those affected by the fires are infirm or don’t do well getting out in bad air. We’re in a rural area, and we’re accustomed to breathable air! But weather knows no entitlements. . . .
      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Ellen. I appreciate you rallying with us!


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